Patriarch of Alexandria to celebrate 100th anniversary of Agioi Anargyroi Church in Abukir on October 30

Patriarch Theodore: Those who remained here will not abandon our templesThe historic church of Agioi Anargyroi, which is one of the oldest churches of the Greek Community in Egypt, celebrates its 100th anniversary since its establishment in Abukir, 20 km from Alexandria.

It is the same area where Greeks established a large Greek Orthodox community in the early 20th century during the patriarchal ministry of Patriarch Meletius. This Greek Orthodox community went through important moments and closed in 1952. The only element that betrays the history of the community is the wooden church of Saints Cyrus and John, which has given the name to the town, Abukir.

The construction of the church began under the ministry of Patriarch Photios (1900–1926), at the expense of a Diaspora Greek named Petros Zouros and was completed in 1936 with the financial support of the Greeks of Alexandria.

In the last decades and until a few years ago and until his death, it was the Egyptian from Epirus, Periklis Tsaparis, who had the famous seaside Greek restaurant “Zefyrion” who had taken care of the church. After his death, the Patriarchate of Alexandria assumed to take care of the church.

The summer residence of each Patriarch of Alexandria (until the time of Patriarch Nicholas VI) was next to the church, while many Greek officers who fought in the battles of El Alamein visited the church during World War II.

Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria will attend the events for the 100th anniversary of the historic church of Agioi Anargyroi in Abukir that will take place on October 30.

Source: ANA-MPA

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