Patriarch of Alexandria to The Greek Prime Minister: Hellenism mourins today

To His Excellency the Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Alexis Tsipras, Athens.

Your Excellency Mr. Prime Minister,  from the Land of the Nile, deeply hurt in soul and heart, we experience the tragic moments which our fellow humans are enduring from the deadly fires in areas of Attica. At this difficult time of sadness and mourning for all Hellenes, we wish to express our personal sincere condolences, as well as those of all the Greeks in Egypt. We declare the unwavering support, sympathy and prayers of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, to all the families of the people who are going through difficult times and stand praying beside them.

May the Lord of Life and of death, grant eternal rest to all those who have lost their lives in this tragic manner and offer hope and comfort to those whose hearts are broken and are suffering from the deprivation of loved ones.

Hellenism mourns today!

Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarc of Alexandria and All Africa