Patriarch Alexy II believes Ahtisaari doesn't deserve a Nobel Peace Prize

ПатријархPatriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia was critical about giving 2008 Nobel Peace Prize to former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, who worked out the plan for "a peaceful separation of Kosovo. It was unjust to award Mr. Ahtisaari who contributed to separation of Kosovo from Serbia with an international peace prize," Alexy II said in his meeting with Serbian Ambassador Stanimir Vukicevic in the Moscow patriarchal residence.

The Patriarch stressed the position of the Russian Orthodox Church on the independence of Kosovo remained the same. "We were against separation of Kosovo from Serbia and we consider it unjust," Alexy II said. He urged to remember what Kosovo meant for Serbian people. "It is a holy land, especially for the great number of churches and monasteries," the Patriarch stressed.

Source: Interfax