Patriarch of Jerusalem welcomes deans of Anglican Church

On the morning of Tuesday the 8th/21st of April 2015, Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem welcomed a group of fifty Deans of the Anglican Church. The Deans were accompanied by their spouses and Dean Hosam of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem.

The members of the group had visited the Holy Land in order to gain knowledge of the city and work towards improving the position of Christians in the Holy Land.
In the context of this visit, His Beatitude spoke of the Holy Shrines, the Church of the Resurrection, the Basilica of Bethlehem and other shrines as providing an indestructible roof of protection for Christians and a wall safeguarding their Christian identity and residence in their paternal homes.

The clerics, pastors of the Anglican Church, carefully listened to the Patriarch’s words, which they found very useful for their service to the Church.

The visitors extended thanks to His Beatitude, adding that the holiness of Jerusalem is owed to the fact that its land has been drenched with the blood of the prophets and the blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Source: Jerusalem Patriarchate