Patriarchate of Alexandria donated 200,000 Egyptian pounds against coronavirus outbreak

The Patriarchate of Alexandria and all of Africa expressed support to the Egyptian people and to the authorities’ fight against coronavirus pandemic.

The Patriarchate of Alexandria donated 200,000 Egyptian pounds (approximately € 11,120) to the Tahya Misr Fund (means “Long Live Egypt”) set aside to fund the state’s efforts to rescue anyone infected with the virus, such as the treatment of patients, the purchase of medical supplies and clinical equipment for nurses, and, more generally, for Egypt’s fight against the deadly virus.

“This small offer of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to the people of Egypt is an act of love in order to show that the Egyptian people are brave and will overcome all difficulties,” said Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria.

“For all Christians, it is a Golgotha that will lead to the Resurrection. But for all humanity, we must know that God created the planet and will never abandon it,” added Patriarch Theodore.

The primate of the Orthodox Church of Africa concluded: “I hope that God will give our beloved Egyptian President el-Sisi strength because he has many gifts and will help his people and all peoples overcome this difficulty, as he has already demonstrated by sending aid to other countries and especially to Italy.”

Source: ANA-MPA