Patron Saint's Day of Old Milos's church in Kragujevac

On the Second day of the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples the Patron Saint's Day of the Old Milos's Church was celebrated in Kragujevac. 

The Holy Hierarchal Liturgy was served by His Grace Bishop Jovan of Sumadija with  the concelebration of the head of the Holy Trinity church protopresbyter Milic Markovic, the rector of the Kragujevac Seminary St. John Chrysostom protopresbyter-staurophor Dr Zoran Krstic and many other priests.

The Holy Hierarchal Liturgy was served in front of the Scripture which is located in the churchyard, and the Liturgy was also attended by Mayor of Kragujevac Veroljub Stevanovic, representatives of the Serbian Army, police department, city services, as well as many faithful of this city.


Following the liturgy a slava cake was cut and was served in the churchyard where all the faithful people were gathered.

The processional column longer that 500 metars started from the churchyard of the Old Church led by the icon of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, across the two bridges of the river Lepenica, through a pedestrian zone until the Cross. 



Source: Diocese of Milesevo