Patron Saint's Day of the church of St. George in Prizren

In Prizren the patron saint's day of the Cathedral church of St. George the Great martyr was solemnly celebrated. The Divine Liturgy was served by Bishop Marko of Bregalnica (Archbishopric of Ohrid) with the concelebration of Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren, 15 presbyters and 3 deacons. Among priests there were archimandrite Partenios, the longtime friend and benefactor of the Serbian people, as well as protopresbyter Marinos, the chaplain of the Greek contingent of the KFOR. In the Liturgy circa 400 belivers took part, mostly the refugees from Prizren, who came on the patron's feast day of St. George from all parts of Serbia bearing icons as gifts to the church in which they were baptized and married.   

On  Patron saint's day of the church of St. George, also the nuns from the Lesje (Diocese of Krusevac) and Gracanica monasteries came, and for this occasion they brought also the part of the relics of the Great martyr. Among the present on today's celebration there were guests from Greece, as well as representatives of the KFOR led by general Erhard Biller and the chief of the Greek military contingent. Since the 1999 war, this was the first time that the church has celebrated its patron's feast day in such a solemn manner.  


Source: Diocese of Raska-Prizren