Polish Parliament to consider bill banning all abortions

The Polish Federation of Defenders of Life has submitted a bill banning all abortions to the Seim (the Polish Parliament), reports Polskie Radio.

On September 14, 2016, the Polish Seim received a bill which bans all abortions. The draft law was written by the Polish Federation of Defenders of Life which comprises more than ninety pro-life organizations.

The bill proposes a complete ban on abortions without exception. However, the legislation does not make women answerable for having abortions.

Seim deputies will begin considering the bill next week. It should also be noted that in September the Polish Parliament will simultaneously work on another draft law which prohibits abortions. This bill, prepared by the “Stop Abortions!” organization, provides that women are liable for terminating their pregnancies. To date this bill has not been supported by Polish bishops.

At the present time abortions in Poland are prohibited with the exception of the following three circumstances: when the mother’s life or health is endangered by the pregnancy; when there is a high risk of malformation of the fetus; and when the pregnancy is a result of a rape.

Source: Pravoslavie.ru