Pope Francis replaces critical theologian Gerhard Ludwig Muller

Pope Francis has decided to replace a conservative cardinal who openly questioned the pontiff's attempts to create a more inclusive church. Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller will not have his five-year mandate as Catholicism's chief theologian renewed. The German's departure will open the way for his "meek" second-in-command to take the role. The 69-year-old was named as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by Pope Benedict in 2012.

Pope Francis was elected the next year. The two did not see eye-to-eye, with Cardinal Müller questioning Pope Francis's attempts to being more open to "imperfect" Catholics, like those who are divorced. His replacement, Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, is described as "speaking the same language" of the Pope, a priest told the Reuters news agency.

Source: BBC