President of Croatia visits Monastery of Krka

His Grace Bishop Fotije of Dalmatia met with President of the Republic of Croatia Dr Ivo Josipovic on October 5, 2010 in the Krka Monastery. Mr. Josipovic was accompanied by Minister of Science Dr. Radovan Fuks; President of the SPC Mr. Milorad Pupovac; Advisor to the President Mr. Sinisa Tatalovic; other associates of the president and representatives of Serbs in the Croatian Assembly. During the reception Mr. Stanimir Vukicevic, the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Croatia, joined the talks.

After visiting the monastery church and catacombs the President of Croatia and Bishop of Dalmatica stayed in a friendly conversation. Bishop informed President and his associates about life and work of the Diocese of Dalmatia and pointed out the significance of the Church for the Serbian people in this region, but also for the process of conciliation between Serbs and Croats.Е

Mr. Josipovic expressed a hope in better relations not just between two states Croatia and Serbia, but also between the Croatian and Serbian people. At the end he thanked Bishop Forije and brotherhood of the monastery for the reception with a hope that this meeting will be in favour of all people who wish well to the state of Croatia and the Serbian people in it.

Source: Diocese of Dalmatia