Primary school ‘’ Lazar Savatic’’ of Zemun follows way of St Sava

Lastnight in the primary school ‘' Lazar Savatic'' at the Zemun quay, on behalf ofthe Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, His EminenceMetropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral presented an order of StSava of the second class to this educational and pedagogic institution. Thisceremony was attended by archpriest-staurophor Bozo Bakajlic, a secretary ofthe Archbishopric Beograd-Karlovac, many dignitaries of the Church, professorDr Zarko Obradovic, the minister of education, Bogoljub Lazarevic, an assistantto the minister of education, academician Vojislav Korac, Slavko Jerkovic, apresident of the municipality of Zemun, Dushan Tarbuk, a vice-president of themunicipality, Slobodan Draskovic, a president of the County Council of Medvedjaand Mladjan Djordjevic, a councilor of the President of the Republic , BorisTadic.

Atthe beginning of the ceremony the director Ilija Jovichic delivered a speech inwhich he emphasized that he was very honored for this meeting which is alsounique in the history of the Serbian education , because on the same placethere were together Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the ministerof education, the president of municipality, academician, other churchdignitaries and other state officials.After the speech started a program created by teachers and pupils of theschool.

Beforethe order of St Sava was presented to the school, a secretary of the ArchbishopricBeograd-Karlovac, read the text of a certificate in which was said that the HolySynod of Bishops presented the order of St Sava of the second class to theprimary school ‘' Lazar Savatic'' for its wide view on education which thisschool had been developing for generations, but particularly for its sincere and persistent effort in implementingthe St Sava`s method of education.

Atthe end of the program , Zarko Obradovic, the minister of education thanked toMetropolitan and the Serbian Orthodox Church, the primary school and to thedirector for the cooperation and good relations which are necessary in modern times.