Promotion of the New Book by Archbishop Anastasios “Coexistence” in Athens – Greece

“Coexistence: Peace, Nature, Poverty, Terrorism, Values” is the title of the new book by Archbishop of Tirana, Durres and All Albania, Anastasios. The book promotion took place on Monday, January 18, at the “Book Porch” (Stoa tou Vivliou) Hall in Athens.

Promotion of the book was done by two former ministers of Greece, Ioannis Paleokrasas and Alekos Papadhopoullos, in front of a large book-loving audience and friends of Archbishop Anastasios. Among others, we highlight the participation of Assistant Minister for Agricultural Development, Mr. Marko Bollaris, the Deputy / Minister of the Interior, Development and Administrative Restructuring, Mr. Ioannis Ballafas, the Vice President of New Democracy, Mr. Costas Hatzidhakis and the representative of New Democracy Press, Mr. George Koumoutsakos, the Chairman of Potami Party, Mr Stavros Theodorakis, the Deputy of ANEL Party, Mr. Konstantinos Zouraris, the former Deputy of PASOK, Mr. Michalis Pantoullas, and the Chairman of HRUP and MP, Mr. Vangjel Dule etc.

Archbishop of Athens and All Greece was represented by Protosyngel of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, Archimandrite Simeon Voliotis.

Source: Albanian Orthodox Church