Receptions in the Serbian Patriarchate - June 23, 2010

His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch received today, on June 23, 2010 in separate official visits several delegations in the Serbian Patriarchate in Belgrade. Patriarch IRINEJ first received representatives of the Association of the homeless veterans led by Mr. Velizar Rabrenovic. The delegation presented the existing problems that they face with along with suggestions for resolving them.

Patriarch received also the current president of the Association of Serbs from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Serbia Mr. Dusko Belovic who, in the talks, looked back at the history of the association from its foundation until today, and in the end he offered the help in a cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church in various activities.

Patriarch IRINEJ hosted also the representatives of the charity association of the Circle of Serbian Sisters, led by Mrs. Mila Viktorovic, who spoke about the history of the association since 1903, then led by Nadezda Petrovic, until today, so she informed His Holiness on activities of the association nowadays and its plans for the future.

Patriarch received in an official visit also the delegation of the Federation of the Serbian Sokols, that presented His Holiness the Order of Serbian Soko of the First degree (Vladimir Putin also received it, as the President of the Russian Federation, Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic, etc). They all reminded of the creation of this organization, so it was suggested that in the future they organize charity actions together with the Circle of Serbian Sisters.

Serbian Patriarch IRINEJ received also the delegation of the Serbiagas, led by its Director general Mr. Dusan Bajatovic. During talks they discussed about the future cooperation of this famous company with the Serbian Orthodox Church.