Reply to archpriest Mateja Matejic

Known, but poorly knowledgeable about the truth of the Orthodox Church in general and particularly about the Serbian Church, archpriest Mateja Matejic from America, wrote another pamphlet (published on the pseudo-zealot schizmatic website "Fight for the faith," March 4, 2010), entitled " Injustice as justice. " The text of this well-known member of the Ljoticevci in the cassock could be renamed to "lies and slander as justice" - or pseudo-justice of pseudo-zealot circles that destroy the Church. All information of this Archpriest who is very educated but who scarcely understand , originate from sources or "hearsay" or, as in previous cases, from offensive anti-Church sites.

I do not intend to reply to archpriest Matejic what he said about me earlier and now what he has written. Let him! - what said Patriarch Pavle of blessed repose. I would advised him, however, as a brother and a concelebrant, that carefully read the decision of the Holy Assembly of Bishops on the centuries-old (and not on the modern ) service of the Divine Liturgy. The multilayered Assembly decision has three important elements, and Archpriest did not carefully read or understand any of them. Not to mention that he neither looked, nor even read, four-volume anthology "Christ - New Pascha - On the Divine Liturgy" / 2500 pages /, available to every well-intentioned, and for which pseudo zealots, as well as Archpriest, say that it is " fake! - Let them such pseudo-fight for pseudo-faith.

Prota finally wrote: "There are a few bishops in whose dioceses is being dealt opposite to the provisions of (sic!) the Holy Assembly of Bishops," and so he concluded: "And this is enough to see that in the case of Bishop Artemije it is about the distorted justice." "I kiss his logic!" - as the heugomen of Dechani father Makarije of blessed repose would say. And that the logic is wrong, which poses importunately as justice, can be seen by the fact that Mateja Matejic does not to want to know that decisions about His Grace brother Artemije - especially about the wrongdoings of the people closest to him (some of which are already in prison, and the others, as the real thieves, are on the run) - in fact, the decisions of that same Holy Assembly of Bishops, were made and have been made here for three years, but they are not carried out! Why - let Bishop Artemije answer rather than to represent as a great martyr and to talk that "all this is slander," while his would-be defenders talk that this is "cosmic conspiracy"!

Clergy and the faithful Orthodox people in Kosovo and Metohija accepted the decisions of the Holy Synod, or the Assembly, and few pseudo zealots and slanderers did not accepted them, for which the Synod=Assembly=Collegiate and Universal Church is just what they think it is and that about which they unreasonably and unconsciously judge, adjudicate, condemn.


Open to me the doors of repentance, O Life-Giver!

Prizren-Gracanica, Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross 2010

Retired Bishop Atanasije of Zahumlje-Herzegovina,

Administrator of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren


Source: Diocese of Raska-Prizren