Restitution of Church Property Imminent

According to a statement released to Tanjug, Mr. Vladimir Todorovic, Head of the Serbian Government Directorate for Property Restitution, the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren will soon be delivered a decision on the restitution of 5,300 hectares of land it had been deprived of by the agrarian reforms and the nationalization in 1945. He explained that, in order to have the ownership registered, the requests for the implementation of the final and enforceable decisions should be filed by the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren to the competent local authorities, registers located in all municipalities of Kosovo and Metohia.

The deadline for filing requests for the restitution of seized property has been set for September 30, 2008. So far, 12 churches and monasteries have filed requests, Todorovic said.

Source: Tanjug