Restoration of Orthodox churches in Prizren

In one of the oldest towns in the Balkans, Prizren, until 1999 lived over 12000 Serbs and until 2010 hardly ten remained. After the restoration of the demolished church of Saint George and the Seminary of Saints Cyril and Methodius, there are about 50 of them today, including the Seminarians.

Even today nine years later, traces of the 2004 March pogrom still can be seen. The second generation of students enrolled at the Seminary, which has been moved back to Nis and now returned Prizren.

The students of the Seminary have no freedom of movement throughout the town, but as they say at least they can admire the once imperial town of Prizren from their windows.

Thanks to the Russian donation, the beauty of frescoes in the church of Mother of God of Ljevis is being restored. Priest Slobodan Djoric expects that the church would open its doors this year, although the altar and the side naves are still in soot.

Source: Diocese of Raska-Prizren