Return of St. Daniel bells could open new page in U.S.-Russia relations - Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia hopes that return of the historical bells to the St. Daniel's Monastery from Harvard University will facilitate the development of the relations between Russia and the United States. "Hopefully, the return of the bells will become a new page in the relations between Russia and the U.S.," the Patriarch told journalists at a ceremony of the first ringing of the St. Daniel's bells in the cloister on Tuesday.

"Shared system of Christian values can connect states and peoples exceeding all political borders. God grant that, through St. Daniel's prayers, ringing of the bells will help both Russians and Americans not to forget their way to God," Patriarch Kirill said.

The returning of the bells to their homeland was helped by "the good will and ardent faith" of all Orthodox believers and active sponsor support, he said.

The Patriarch also expressed thanks to the Harvard University for preserving the Russian Orthodox relic for the almost 80 years that it stored the bells.

All costs related to the returning of the St. Daniel's bells were paid by Svyaz Vremyon foundation, while the bells installation project was implemented by the Moscow government.