Romanian Orthodox Church and Ministry of Interior decided to distribute Holy Fire to faithful’s door

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, in collaboration with the Romanian Orthodox Church, decided that the Holy Fire would be distributed to the faithful’s home on the night of the Resurrection, following a relevant agreement signed between the two parties. According to the announcements, priests, parish volunteers and police officers will distribute the Holy Fire tonight at 20:00.

“While following the rules of social distancing, the believers will be able to get close to their home so as to avoid mass gathering and groups of more than three people. Two or three people from one apartment building can, with the necessary precautionary measures, distribute the Holy Fire to all the occupants from the same apartment building,” said Interior Minister Marcela Vela. In areas that have been quarantined due to the coronavirus spread, the Holy Fire will be transported with the assistance of Interior Ministry staff.

“The movement of all the priests who distribute the Holy Fire from door to door to the faithful, as well as to the volunteers, is allowed on the night of the Resurrection. All of them will carry their ID cards, the necessary documents from their parish and will wear masks and protective gloves,” added Vela.

He added that “the Interior Ministry staff working on the night of the Resurrection will also distribute the Holy Fire to hospitals, social centers and quarantine centers.”

Source: ANA-MPA