Romanian Patriarch donates 2000+ Euro for acquisition of coronavirus protective equipment

Patriarch Daniel on Monday gave over 2,000 Euro from his salary to buy protection equipment for the volunteers involved in the Patriarchate’s social campaign ‘Help with joy’ geared to helping isolated patients all over Romania. The money will provide volunteers with the necessary equipment to support vulnerable people in their area.

An online platform was created by the Romanian Patriarchate and the Filantropia Federation as a meeting point for vulnerable people and those who want to help.

Through hid gesture, the Patriarch of Romania himself put into practice the call addressed to the believers as the state of emergency was declared in our country: “To show love and solidarity to the elderly, to those in isolation or quarantined, as well as special care for the health of those around us.”

Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, most of the dioceses in the Romanian Patriarchate, including the Archdiocese of Bucharest, participate in the fight against the spread of this disease through prayer and spiritual counselling, by providing quarantine spaces, food for the isolated, various support for hospitals depending on their needs.

The Romanian Patriarchate collaborates with the medical institutions on several levels: in spiritual counselling, blood donation, prevention and health education campaigns, donations of medical equipment, furniture, etc.