Russia wants an investigation on violations of the rights of Serbs in Kosovo

Russia insists on the investigation of all the cases of violation of human rights of Serbs in Kosovo, it was said yesterday in Moscow, by Konstantin Dolgov, the envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, noting that the provocative actions of Prishtina "destabilize the situation in the province."

The Russian official estimated that the situation in the north of Kosovo has worsened in last couple of months and the members of the international organizations in Kosovo do not react always adequately and objectively on the outpouring of hatred.

The violations of the human rights in Kosovo are systematical, he warned, pointing out that it relates to "regular intimidation and pressure on the Serbs and the discrimations of the  Serbian shrines", Itar-Tass informs. 

"We instist on the investigation of all cases of the violation of the human rights including the investigation on the trade of human organs in Kosovo", Dolgov said at the press conference in the Russian capital. 

Source: Tanjug