Russian Orthodox Church about Hagia Sophia: We regret that our concern has not been heard

Patriarch of Moscow: What has been happening within the Orthodox Church is no coincidenceThe Russian Orthodox Church expresses regret that its concern, like that of other Orthodox churches, about the prospect of converting Hagia Sophia in Constantinople from a museum into a mosque, has not been heard by the Turkish authorities.

The above statement was made by the chairman of the Synodal Department for Church’s Relations with Society and Mass Media of the Patriarchate of Moscow, Vladimir Legoyda.

“We regret that the concern of the Russian Orthodox Church and of other Orthodox churches has not been heard. Unfortunately, this decision is not aimed at pacifying the existing disputes, but, on the contrary, it can lead to even greater divisions, as Patriarch Kirill (of Moscow and all Rus’) said in his statements on the 6th of July,” he said.

Source: ANA-MPA