The Russian Orthodox Church acclaims ban on hunting the Greenland seal calves

Fr. Andrey Kurayev, a well-known Orthodox missionary deacon, acclaimed newly introduced Russia's ban on hunting calves of the Greenland seal, which reach the ices of the White Sea each spring to breed their calves.

"If someone comes to Russia to procreate, this is really great! Why do we need to kill those, bread and born here? If the only thing we are able to do is turning everything around us into ashes, this is definitely not to our credit," Fr. Andrey told Interfax-Religion.

Besides, he added, all witnesses said that you could go hunting the calves only intoxicated, because "if only you see a picture of a white-coat seal, you understand that it is impossible to kill this helpless creature with its eyes wide open when you are sober. If only you've got at least some fragments of feelings and ethics left, you will see nightmares long after the bloody event."

"Should we support this enterprise which is undeserving of individuals and the nation and which can be done only under alcohol intoxication?" Fr. Andrey asked and expressed his happiness that such "drunken murders will finally stop."

Source: Interfax religion