Russian Orthodox priests to set sail on missionary boat-church in Siberia

A unique missionary trip will soon be underway in Siberia. 30 Orthodox priests will set sail on a boat-church, visiting remote areas of Siberia in need of spiritual and material support, reports

The boat, housing a small church on board dedicated to the holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called, will set sail from Novosibirsk and visit a total of 47 lightly populated areas during the trip.

The missionary endeavor is being jointly held with the Novosibirsk Metropolitanate of the Russian Orthodox Church. The first such trip set sail in 1996.

“The main goal of our trip is to provide spiritual and material support to people in remote areas of the Novosibirsk region… All who wish may receive Baptism, take part in the Holy Sacraments of Communion and Confession, individually speak with a priest, invite a priest home, receive holy water and obtain spiritual literature,” reports the Novosibirsk press service.

Medical staff will also be on board in order to assist any local residents that may require medical support.