Russian theologian urges to actively solve the problem of discriminating Christians in the world

Lecturer of the Moscow Theological Academy Yury Maximov complains that interreligious dialogue doesn't pay much attention to the problem of Christians discrimination in various countries.

"We lack honest discussion of painful questions concerning the position of Christians in non-Christian countries, where they are apparently discriminated," he said in his interview to Interfax-Religion.

According to the interviewee of the agency, the Bible is a banned book in the majority of Muslim countries "somewhere de facto and in some places even de jure."

"Peaceful sermon of Christian faith is prohibited in the majority of Muslim countries, for example in Israel and in Buddhist Bhutan. Persecutions and systematic oppressions of Christians take place in majority of non-Christian countries, including India," Maximov said.

He pointed out that Muslims, Hebrews, Buddhists in Christian countries "enjoy such freedoms, including the one of sermon, that Christians have never dreamt of."

"This problem of discriminating Christians should be solved somehow, but as far as I know, most interreligious meetings even don't mention it," the expert said.

Source: Interfax religion