Saint George Kolo Slava Celebration

The St. George Kolo, the Circle of Serbian Sisters, works throughout the year to benefit the parish. Every Sunday the Kolo hosts a coffee hour for parishioners and visitors in attendance.

The Kolo prepares meals for the festal programs during the year including St.Sava Day, Vidovdan, Healthcare Day and the Kolo Slava. The Kolo makes rolls throughout the year as a means of fundraising.

The Kolo staffs the kitchen at the parish picnic and works at the Lenten  Vespers’ dinner. The Kolo takes care of the parish house, making sure it is well-furnished and fitting. The Kolo is part of the Eastern Region KSS.

The Kolo contributes to educational and charitable causes and is supportive when individual needs arise. The Kolo celebrates the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God as the organizational patronal feast.

On the Feast of Dormition, Sunday August 28, 2016, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated with the Slava Kolac and Koljivo, Living and departed members of the Kolo were remembered in prayer.

The Slava dinner and program were held in the parish hall after the Liturgy. Sonia Janson, President of the Kolo served as the Mistress of Ceremonies.  Parish Executive Board members had the opportunity to offer comments and to read.

Board members included President- Stan Brozik; Vice-President John Williamson; Financial Secretary-Andrea Janson; Secretary-Aaron Carson  and Treasurer-Felecia Williamson.

Reading from St. Nikolai Velimirovic’s Prologue from Ohrid is an established part of the parish Slava programs. The readings during the Slava program focused on the life of the Mother of God.

Additional program readers included: Dr. Scott Newton, Richard Porter, Lt. Col. Willie Spens,  Josephine Vuich, Djelosh Milosevich, Paulette Radock, Eric Labons, Mildred Bezjak and Mary Jo Krivitsy.

Dr. Ivko Dimitric recently visited Ohrid. He spoke about his inspirational visits to Ohrid this summer and connected the visit with St. Nikolai. Dr. Dimitric described the continued honored remembrances of St. Nikolai in Ohrid.

Other faithful attendees adding to the joyful Slava celebration included Dorothy and Janice Smargie, Lucille Carnahan, Michael Vuich Jr, Milosh Serb Krewasky, Joseph, Richelle, Eiljah, Nina, Luke and Jonah Romanchak.

The Kolo is highly valued as integral to the parish life of St. George Church.

Thank God for the Kolo members as faithful Christian examples in caring for and contributing to the parish throughout the year.

Source: Eastern American Diocese