A Christian Understanding of Homosexuality, Part 3: The Science of Homosexuality

Our discussion of the science of homosexuality will systematically refute numbers 1, 2, and 3 of the “four core beliefs.” Number 4 will be examined in the context of Christian anthropology—i.e., the Church’s understanding of the human person and condition in the world. First, what is the incidence of homosexual identity in the general population?

A Christian Understanding Of Homosexuality. Part 2. The Process of Change in the United States

The Judeo-Christian view of homosexual behavior was dominant in the cultures of Western nations from the 4th century to the mid-20th—a period of some 1700 years, and also was, officially at least, the view of the Muslim world. Even cultures outside the Abrahamic religions were influenced by their dominant worldview.

A Christian Understanding Of Homosexuality, Part 1

In light of the confusion stirred in some readers of recent texts on Social Media and other online portals, regarding the Church’s clear teaching on homosexuality and the pastoral need to care for those suffering in particular from the social trend to regard it as “natural” or a thing to be accepted as part of human nature, the following text is provided for contrast. Presented as a “reference text” at a clergy meeting of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in the USA last year, it offers a clear response to many of the social arguments used in the attempt to diminish the Church’s pastoral teachings, which always aim for the loving care and conversion of all who fall into any sin.

Accredited seminar for catechists of the Diocese of Zicha

Accredited seminar for catechists of the Diocese of Zicha
Accredited seminar for catechists of the Diocese of Zicha
Accredited seminar for catechists of the Diocese of Zicha
Accredited seminar for catechists of the Diocese of Zicha

With the blessing of Bishop Justin of Zicha, an accredited expert seminar entitled "Integrative Approach in Religious Education" was held for catechists (religious teachers) in the Diocese of Zicha, in the Monastery of Studenica on June 17, 2017.

Authors and program implementers were Dr. Vladan Tatalovic (Chair for the New Testament - Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade), Dr. Srboljub Ubiparipovic (Chair of Liturgical Theology - Orthodox Theology Faculty in Belgrade) and Snezana Pavlovic, graduate andragogue, advisor in pre-school and primary education and counselor for religious education at state schools in the Ministry of Education of Serbia. The aim of the seminar was to strengthen capacities and professional competencies of catechists.

Cleveland Deanery meets with New Education Director

On Monday, June 12, clergy from the Cleveland Deanery of the Eastern-American Diocese had an opportunity to meet with Rev. Deacon Jovan Anicic, their new Director of Religious Education. 

The fast of the apostles

In one of his sermons, St. Basil the Great says, “Do not limit fasting to abstaining from food only, for real fasting lies in abstaining from evil acts, and to untie the bonds of injustice (Isaiah 58 :6 ).

During the fasting you do not eat meat, but unfortunately, you do eat the flesh of your brother. You do not drink wine, but you can’t control your tongue in order not to curse anyone. Despite the fact you spend the whole day without eating anything; yet, you spend your day judging others.