Archbishop Anastasios: The principle of the unity of Orthodoxy is Council

The Primate of the Albanian Church believes that procedures to overcome schism were developed in Orthodoxy long ago, in particular at Ecumenical Councils.

Archbishop Anastasios, Primate of the Albanian Orthodox Church, explained his position regarding the support of the Pan-Orthodox Assembly to resolve the “Ukrainian issue”, reports the Greek outlet “Democracy”.

The Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God into the Temple

According to Holy Tradition, the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple took place in the following manner. The parents of the Virgin Mary, Saints Joachim and Anna, praying for an end to their childlessness, vowed that if a child were born to them, they would dedicate it to the service of God.

When the Most Holy Virgin reached the age of three, the holy parents decided to fulfill their vow. They gathered together their relatives and acquaintances and dressed the All-Pure Virgin in Her finest clothes. Singing sacred songs and with lighted candles in their hands, virgins escorted Her to the Temple (Ps. 44/45:14-15). There the High Priest and several priests met the handmaiden of God. In the Temple, fifteen high steps led to the sanctuary, which only the priests and High Priest could enter. (Because they recited a Psalm on each step, Psalms 119/120-133/134 are called “Psalms of Ascent.”)

Protodeacon R. Rakić: Patriarch Pavle was a man of the Spirit

 Interview of Protodeacon Radomir Rakic given to Bulgarian Orthodox Agency

Who is Patriarch Pavle? What is his ministry and will be canonized as a saint? The team of Dobrotoliubie talks with protodeakon Radomir Rakic, who personally knew the  Serbian patriarch.

Protodeacon Radomir Rakić was born on July 25, 1938. He graduated the Faculty of Theology in 1962 and the Faculty of Philology  Department of English 1965 in Belgrade. He is a professor of English language and Literature. Meanwhile, he studied at the Theological Faculty in Bern (Switzerland). He speaks German, English, and Russian languages, from which he translates theological literature. Protodeacon Radomir Rakić is a professor at the Faculty of Theology of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade and a New Testament lecturer at the Theological seminary in Serbia (Foca) and an official translator of the Holy Synod in the Serbian Patriarchate.<--break->

Seminar for the Clergy of the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosnia

Seminar for the Clergy of the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosnia
Seminar for the Clergy of the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosnia
Seminar for the Clergy of the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosnia
Seminar for the Clergy of the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosnia

a one-day seminar of the clergy of the Metropolitanate of the Dabar-Bosnia was held at the amphitheater of Theology in Foca on November 5, 2019.

With the blessing of the His Eminence Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabar-Bosnia, the main topic of the seminar was Theology and Pastoral ministry. The Metropolitan held the opening address. Bishops’ Deputy protopresbyter-staurophor prof. Dr. Vladislav Topalovic welcomed the assembled clergy.

Autocephaly of the Serbian Church in 1219 as a paradigm of canonical acquisition of autocephaly

It is difficult to find an appropriate way to express the enthusiasm and gratitude for the great privilege of living in a time when our Church celebrates 800 years of its existence.  It is a unique event not only for our lifetime, but for the history of our Church.  Today, we are not only talking about history, but we are living, and perhaps even creating history.  Not least today we should see ourselves as a link in the chain of many generations who left us the heritage to preserve, improve and pass on to future generations.  Our hopes are that we are not a weak link, but it is certainly hard enough to keep up with the great figures and important events of the rich history of our Church.