Scientific meeting in Felix Romuliana: Towards the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan

At the ancient Roman site of Felix Romuliana near Zajecar (IV century), which is located on the UNESCO list of the world cultural heritage, from April 29 - May 1 2011, a scientific meeting will take place entitled "Christian heritage of Romuliana - Towards the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan ".

As it was announced in a press conference held on this occasion, at the central ceremony on May 1st on the remains of a Christian church from the 6th century on this site the Divine Liturgy will be served by His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch with the concelebration of the highest clergy and Bishops of the SOC. The ceremony in Romuliana will be followed by numerous cultural events.

At the scientific meeting it will be also discussed about "The Edict of Toleration of Serdica" which was issued by the Roman Tetrarch Galerius, the builder of the imperial palace of Felix Romuliana near Zajecar. 

His Grace Bishop Justin told during the conference about the significance of Felix Romuliana regarding also the 1700th Anniversary of the Edict of Milan. Also he thanked the mayor of Zajecar Mr. Bosko Nicic and the Director of the National Museum of Zajecar who helped to present their town and this site since they have a great value both for our and world culture. The mayor of Zajecar also mentioned the forthcoming reconstruction of one of the four Christian churches, whose foundations are within the ancient site and it is the smaller one from the 4th century. In this way Romuliana will have one new dimension.

According to the program, on April 29 at 7pm in the National Museum an exhibition of paintings of the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for arts and conservation will be open. At 8pm in the theatre of Timocka Krajina "Zoran Radmilovic" a solemn concert of the vocal group "Marinika" from Negotin (Vlach's national poems) will be held. On Saturday, April 30 at 9.30pm a solemn opening of the scientific meeting is planned in Felix Romuliana. From 10-11 there will be a round table on "Christian heritage of Felix Romuliana -   towards the 1700th Anniversary of the Edict of Milan". From 5 till 7pm  there will be a discussion on the theme "From the Roman tolerance until European understanding". The concert of the etno-group "Balkanika" was planned at 9pm. Tomorrow on May 1, at 9am on the foundations of the church from 6th century the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy is scheduled.


Source: SOCM Zajecar