Serbia, remember!

 Ten years since the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Serbian people was marked last night by the national academy " Serbia, remember" at the Belgrade Sava Centre. At the academy spoke a legate of Patriarch Pavle of Serbia, His Eminence Bishop Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral, Dr Vojislav Kostunica, academician Matija Beckovic, the head of the Radiology Centre of the Clinical centre of Serbia Dr Radomir Kovacevic and Branimir Nesic .

 Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral said that the bombing was planned ahead in order to seize a vital part ofSerbia and as a consequence was a false state. The Serbian people should remember that crime and to oppose wholly to the results of this crime, pointed out Metropolitan Amfilohije, who also suggested on this occasion, to open ac ommemorative centre in Belgrade, where would be written all names of the suffered in the NATO bombing.

Ex-prime minister Dr Vojislav Kostunica emphasized that Serbia remembers and do not forget that NATO is a real name for independent Kosovo and that is trying on a part of Serbian territory, physically first, and then by juristic violence, kidnapping and theft, to establish a first NATO state and that for Serbia is never going to exist a false state. Our greatest commitment, Kostunica said, is to witness the truth that Kosovo is Serbia, that it was, that it is and it will stay ours, Kosovo has been already once and for good built in the foundations of the state of Serbia.

 Also academician Matija Beckovic addressed the audience at the National academy and also support the initiative of Serbia building the memorial centre for the suffered of the bombing and that a care about that would be given to the SOC. That is done by all nations of the world,said the famous Serbian poet.

" I have come to say, that we are all together" saidthe chairman of the Duma Committee on International Affairs, Konstantin Kosachov, who finished his speech saying " Kosovo is Serbia". He also emphasized that those who bombed Serbia also bombed the United Nations.

 At the Academy a letter of His Holiness Patriarch Kirril of Moscow and All Russia to the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Pavle of Serbia was read, in which he says that is pain of the brothers in Serbia ispain of the whole Orthodox Church.

Also the famous Russian film director Nikita Mihalkov addressed the audience.

Also the all gathered could see also an exhibition of photographs taken during the bombing.

Academy was organized by the Slobodan Jovanovic Foundation, Active Centre and Srpske Dveri.