Serbian hierarchs: there is infernal force behind Montenegrin authorities, but the people are being reborn

The Orthodox faithful of Montenegro continue to rise up in protest against the newly-adopted law “On the Freedom of Religion” that gives the state the authority to confiscate property from the Serbian Orthodox Church, which represents the vast majority of the Montenegrin people.

Hierarchs, clergy, and faithful from Serbia and other Local Churches have also raised their voices in support of the persecuted Church in Montenegro.

There are very powerful forces behind the Montenegrin authorities, who are trying to split and destroy the Serbian Church, His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia said following the Sunday Liturgy, speaking to the faithful who had gathered in Belgrade for prayer and procession in support of the Montenegrin dioceses of the Serbian Church, reports

“We are here to turn to God because the problem is so big that we can’t solve it on our own. Unsolvable problems, as the holy Apostles teach us, must be entrusted to God, for there is no unsolvable problem for God. And only God can protect the holy sites in Montenegro,” His Holiness preached.

“There is a great infernal force behind the leaders of Montenegro, and they only carry out its goal—the destruction and separation of Serbia,” the Patriarch added.

The authorities in Montenegro should remember the state owes its very existence to the Church before dreaming of seizing the Church’s property.

“Our forces may be small, but our prayers are not small, because we entrust all our problems to God. No one has won the battle against God,” Pat. Irinej said, encouraging his flock.

Despite the powerful persecution, the people of Montenegro are experiencing their second birth, His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro said during a procession of thousands of faithful in Budva on Monday, January 27.

This was reported by His Grace Bishop Viktor of Baryshevka of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who participated in the march with a delegation from the Ukrainian Church, which is also well-acquainted with state persecution.

Following a solemn event dedicated to St. Sava of Serbia, Bp. Viktor said to Met. Amfilohije: “Vladyka, you had a grand event today,” to which he replied: “It’s a miracle of God. It’s the second birth of the people in Montenegro.”

Bp. Viktor also emphasized that he was struck by the fact that young people make up the majority of the participants in the processions in support of the Church.

As Bp. Viktor relates, the local media reported that 60-70% of the entire population of the city of Budva participated in the procession.

“Looking at the quiet and peaceful elder-Metropolitan, followed by his many thousands-strong flock, at some point it occurred to me that he can now answer our True Shepherd with a clear conscience: Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me (Is. 8:18).