The Serbian Orthodox faithful of Boise, Idaho received for the first time Bishop Maxim

The Serbian Orthodox faithful of Boise, Idaho finally received for the first time their diocesan bishop, Bishop Maxim of Western America, who made a archpastoral visit on Saturday, December 27, 2008. Visiting with the bishop was V. Rev. Blasko Paraklis.

Bishop Maxim officiated that day at the Divine Liturgy at the local Greek Orthodox Church. Assisting the bishop were Fr. Nektarios Serfes and Fr. Blasko Paraklis. Some sixty people actively attended and participated in this eucharistic event. A lunch was served following the liturgy. The faithful were overjoyed with the bishop's archpastoral visit which signified a beginning of a more active church life for them in their city of Boise.

A meeting was held in the church hall after lunch in which all parishioners introduced themselves to one another. The next gathering is scheduled for January 31, 2009 when Fr. Blasko will hold an assembly with the parishioners in which the future of this missionary parish will be decided. Fr. Nektarios Serfes, a great friend of the Serbian people, spoke about the great need in Kosovo and Metohija and called upon the Serbian faithful to attend the services more frequently. He promised a service for Christmas according to the Old Calendar, January 7.

Source: Western America Eparchy of Serbian Orthodox Church