Serbian Patriarch meets with Ambassador of Israel

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch along with his Vicar newly-elected Bishop Jovan (Culibrk) of Lipljan today, on August 11, 2011 received in a farewell visit His Excellency Arthur Kohl, the Ambassador of Israel, as wel as His deputy Mr. Eyala Naor.

In a cordial conversation and  and evoked pleasant memories of the past four years, His Excellency pointed out a couple of issues still not resolved during his working in the Republic of Serbia.

In fact, solving the problems of return seized property that belonged to the Jewish community, both in common and private property are treated only since 1945. Although, bigger and more significant part of the same was confiscated in 19141.

His Holiness pointed out that the collective voice is needed in terms of seeking a fair and lasting resolution of the injustice inflicted on all citizens of Serbia and individual communities, what the Serbian Orthodox Church already does along with all the religious communities in Serbia.

Another theme presented by interlocutors is unfortunate uniqueness of Belgrade during World War II, when on the territory of the city four concentration camps operated where there were killings  of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. Tragic is the uniqueness of the city of Belgrade and that he is the only city in Europe that has no memorial of World War II.

His Holiness stressed the need to build such a center of remembrance for the victims of World War II, which would be the educational center for generations to come, for that such horrors would never be repeated, and they repeated because of the deliberate disregard for the suffering of Serbs during World War Two and the suffering of other people.

His Excellency pointed out once more clear and precise attitude of the state of Israel in terms of not recognizing the unilateral declaration of the secessionist so. Republic of Kosovo. After that, His Holiness pointed out His awareness because of the recent developments that threaten the security of Serbs in the already exhausted remaining free areas of the centuries old Serbian cradle of Kosovo and Metohija.

His Holiness wished the outgoing Ambassador good luck in the new office that he will soon take over, as well as an abundance of all good health in personal life.


Statement and photographs delivers:

deacon Aleksandar Sekulic

from the Office of His Holiness