Serbs and the Serbian Church being lynched by media

We consider we should address our believers and inform them about  events that constantly repeat in certain Croatian media, and they are connected with territories where Serbs suffered the most in the last war. The last event that has made us to address the public has been an ultranationalist attack on Mr. Dusan Torbica, a donator of the St. Nicholas church in Kistanje, in the newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija on May 24, 2010.

This attack is one in a series of orchestrated attacks inspired by the hatred against Serbs and anything that is Serbian in Croatia. Unfortunately, this newspaper (Slobodna Dalmacija) and many other newspapers have put Serbs in its "crime news" column in order to show that a Serb could not be such a good citizen of Croatia, but a disturbing factor and a cause of every evil.

The church of St. Nicholas in Kistanje was built in 1537 and have suffered many times until today the evil destiny of the people of this area, and the last time was robbed and devastated couple of years ago. Valuable icons were stolen. Initiated by the Diocese of Dalmatia, Krka monastery and parish of Kistanje, a prominent citizen and the Orthodox Serbian of Kistanje, Mr. Dusan Torbica decided to help the renovation of the church, the cemetary and brotherly house. His love towards its birthplace contributed that this temple be the pride of Kistanje and the spiritual centre of gathering of the Orthodox Serbs.

All those who want to humiliate the Serbian Church and the Orthodox Church in the Diocese of Dalmatia have to know that the Serbian holy shrines are as old in this area as Croatian and that we have the right to renovate them to the joy of the faithful people, as in every European democratic country - to the Glory of God and to the spiritual use of all people of good will.

Source: Diocese of Dalmatia