Seven public kitchens needed for Serbs to survive in Kosovo and Metohija

Bishop Artemije of Ras and Prizren and of Kosovo and Metohija announced today a continuation of the action of collecting supplies for opening seven more public kitchens, which are needed at the moment to feed the Serbian people who are starving in isolated enclaves in the province. The action with a slogan " 1 SMS for 1 meal for the hungry in Kosovo and Metohija" is starting today with a broadcast of a new TV commercial on the RTS which is going to have a premiere at the news conference at the "Media centre".

Bishop Artemije reminded that Albanian terrorist forced out two-thirds ofthe Serbian population and explained that even after 10 years of the international administration, the remaining thirds are denied all rights, andeven a right to work and living out of one`s work and so that`s why they "barely survive"

People were left out of primary means for living and survival and so itis necessary to open new kitchens, Bishop said and called all people of good will to help survival of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and to involve themselves in this action.

President of an NGO " Mother of Nine Jugovic" Svetlana Stevic reminded that since 2001 three public kitchens have been opened in Kosovo`s Pomoravlje and they have about 700 users.

Thanks to the action of collecting help by sending SMS via mobile networks, 22 millions RSD has been collected and a third kitchen with a bakery has been opened in a village of Vrbovac, hence 156 people more are catered with food and bread every day, Stevic said. She also pointed out that 70% Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are jobless or live with minimal wages of 11,000 RSD, and they are deprived of possibility to farm fields which are usually usurped by Albanians or to deal with cattle, since they are exposed to attacks and Stevic specified that only in Kosovo`s Pomoravlje 2500 heads of cattle have been stolen since 2002.

In these hard conditions, in which they are left even withoutelectricity, there exists a great need for public kitchens, she said and also announced an opening of the fourth kitchen in Ranilug for more than 170 users.

One part of population come for daily ration of food by walking for more kilometers , while those who cannot come to a public kitchen because of the threatened security, illness or great distance have 200 volunteers who deliver them food.

For survival of the three kitchens that areworking now, it is necessary to collect 15 millions RSD, which is ,in this conditions of the economic crisis, hardly to expect a greater help of the state, so that`s why the action for collecting help by sending SMS via mobile networksis prolonged.

Public kitchens are not  just places where people come for food. They also seek for any kind of help: medicines, medical supplies, treatments and operations, especially children. Also procurement of agricultural machines, seed goods and cattle for the places of returnees are also what people search for in this places. Hence , all this shows how crucial is this action for opening kitchens, Stevic pointed out.

Citizens of Serbia can take part in this humanitarian action for opening new public kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija, by sending SMS to the number 1033 (MTS, Telenor, VIP), and price of one message is 50 RSD without VAT. 

Help can also be paid in the name of the Diocese of Ras and Prizren and Kosovo and Metohija, on its bank account number: 360-001262270000-39, indicating "For public kitchens" , and any kind of help citizens can send also to an address: Monastery of Gracanica, 38205 Gracanica.

Source: Diocese Ras and Prizren, Tanjug