Situation in Lugansk brings people to God

Asked by the Union of Orthodox Journalists, “How has the military conflict in the region changed your flock?”, Metropolitan Mitrophan (Yurchuk) responded that the ongoing tragic events have helped people to turn to God and the Church.

“When the most severe shelling in the city was going on, when people were deprived of light and water and food, then the rectors of our churches helped people in every way possible,” the bishop said. He highlighted the fact that priests and parishes provided both spiritual and material nourishment. Many churches served as shelters where people hid in the basement during attacks, thus surviving.

“All of these events served for people to relate to God differently, and to see their place in the Church. They saw that the Church plays a very big role in their lives. Faith and the Church’s accompanying prayers helped people survive in these circumstances,” Vladyka emphasized.

Despite the military conflict people have been hastening to the churches for services. Metropolitan Mitrophan has noted in his visits to various parishes that more people, both young and old have become more active in the life of the Church. The presence of young people “is particularly pleasing,” in his words.