Slava of Chapel in Charlotte

The faithful people of  the Orthodox parish, St. Simeon the Myrrh-flowing, in Charlotte, NC, celebrated their chapel Slava on St. Arsenije Sremac's day.  The Divine Liturgy was officiated by His Grace Dr. Mitrophan with the help of our priest Father Dragan Lj. Zaric. At the Holy Liturgy we also remembered our recently deceased Patriarch and Father Pavle

After the Holy Liturgy, all the faithful were served a slava luncheon prepared and served with lots of love by our Kolo of Serbian Sisters.

Godfather of the Slava was Dario Lazic, who amazed everyone with his welcome toast at the dinner table, even though he is only fifteen years old.

At the entertainment part of the dinner, our children quire performed psalms and patriotic songs. With these songs, our children warmed the hearts of all the people singing with their angelic voices.

Some of our very gifted children performed parts from W.A. Mozart and P. I. Tchaikovsky on a piano, as well as the recital of Sestodnev.

At the end of the day full of prayers, His Grace Mr. Mitrofan emphasized once again the need for the Holy Liturgy as well as the need of our parish to have a permanent priest.