Patron Saint-day of Cathedral church in Belgrade

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, officiated the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in Belgrade’s Cathedral church on Sunday,  23 November 2014, on the feast of Holy Archangel Michael.

During the liturgical gathering on the occasion of the slava of the church, Patriarch Irinej ordained Branislav Jocic a deacon. After the cutting the slava bread, Patriarch congratulated the Patron Saint-day (slava) to the rector of the Cathedral church protopresbyter-stavrophor Petar Lukic and the clergy of the church, Mr. Dejan Tomasevic, the famous basketball player and the president of the Orthodox Sport Society „Holy Serbia“, and lawyer Toma Fila.

Remembrance Day in the Illawarra 2014

 The sound of the Last Post echoed across the Illawarra as communities stopped to mark Remembrance Day on Tuesday.

At 11am, ceremonies fell silent in recognition of service men and women who put their lives on the line for our country - those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, veterans who continue to bear scars of conflict and personnel still serving. 

In Honour and Glory of Tsar Nicholas II the Passion-Bearer

Following the liturgical gathering in the church of Saint Sava, President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić unveiled the monument to Tsar Nicholas II Romanov.

On 16 November 2014, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia conducted the rite of blessing of a monument dedicated  to the Holy Tsar Nicholas, in the presence of His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia. Having performed the liturgical rite and having sprinkled the monument with consecrated water, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill addressed a multitude of people present with a brief homily, saying in particular:

Saint Barnabas of Indiana (Nov. 12/Oct. 30)

Saint Barnabas of Indiana (Nov. 12/Oct. 30)
Saint Barnabas of Indiana (Nov. 12/Oct. 30)
Saint Barnabas of Indiana (Nov. 12/Oct. 30)
Saint Barnabas of Indiana (Nov. 12/Oct. 30)

The clergy, monastics and the faithful of Central Indiana, including teachers and students of the Hagia Sophia Classical Academy, celebrated today Divine Liturgy together at Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Indianapolis, as they do every year on the feast day of their patron and the first and only Orthodox Christian saint born in Indiana – Saint Varnava (Barnabas) of Hvostno and Gary. This year, the feast carried a special joy and solemnity for the triple anniversary of the saint: 100 years of his birth, 50 years of his repose and 10 years of his canonization. In addition, an icon of Saint Varnava was blessed to be presented to the Governor of Indiana by the Presbyters’ Council of the Orthodox Christian Churches of Central Indiana. Holy Father Varnava, pray to God for us!

Carmichaels Celebrates 60th Anniversary

The Sixtieth Anniversary of the consecration of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania was celebrated on Sunday, November  2, 2014. The Divine Liturgy was held at the church and was followed by a banquet at Dolfi’s Restaurant.

Living and departed parishioners were remembered during the Divine Liturgy.

The St. George Choir under the direction of Sonia Janson sang the responses. Paulette Radock read the Third and Sixth Hours prior to the Divine Liturgy.

The Divine Liturgy was very well attended. In addition to St. George parishioners, visitors came from out of town and from a number of different parishes.