St. Sava's Day Academy in London

On Sunday, January 31, 2010, at the St. Sava church in London the Patron Saint's day of the church was formally celebrated. Most of the priests from the United Kingdom served with the head of the church, father Milun Kostic,  as well as the head of the church Lazarica from Krusevac, father Dragi Veskovac. He was a guest of the church of St. Sava this year, along with KUD October 14 from Krusevac upon the invitation of the head father Milun.


At the St. Sava's Day Academy, father Dragi held a St. Sava's Day sermon , and the KUD October 14 a combination of dances from Serbia in a crowded hall that receives 600 people. And at the liturgy and at the Academy the Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Dejan Popovic and  Consul Milan Varadinovic and Princess Margarita Karadjordjevic with her daughter ,Princess Katherine were present.

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