Старешина сиријске цркве Светог Ђорђа каже да је овај светитељ спасао цркву

The Church of St. George in Izra was built in 515 on the site of a pagan sanctuary, and the saint’s relics were long preserved there, later being transferred to Palestine by English King Richard the Lionhearted, with the saint’s finger remaining in the church in Izra.

The church, made of basalt, is considered one of the main monuments of world Church architecture. After an earthquake in the early 20th century seriously damaged the church’s dome, funds were transferred by Russian Emperor Nicholas II for its restoration.

For photos of St. George’s Church and other holy sitesin Syria from before the war, see the photo gallery “Pre-War Syria: Peaceful Life and Holy Places.”

Source: Orthochristian.com