Strasbourgers become acquainted with basics of Orthodoxy

The Moscow Patriarchate Representation at the European Council will conduct cultural events to represent traditions of the Orthodox Church to the western audience. The first of them - seminar on Basics of Orthodoxy - was conducted in the Moscow Patriarchate All Saints Church in Strasbourg. About sixty people attended it, Russian Church representative at the European Council and the church rector Hegumen Filaret (Bulekov) told Interfax-Religion on Friday.

Fr. Filaret told the participants about the history of Russian parish in Strasbourg and role Orthodox parishes play in life of Russian-speaking diaspora in Europe.

Rector of the French-speaking Orthodox parish of the Russian Church in Strasbourg Fr. Daniel Esclein reminded important milestone in history of Orthodox Church and its dogmatic teaching.

Parishioner of All Saints Church Professor Alan Cormon delivered a report on place and role of Orthodoxy in modern Europe. Participants in the seminar also learned the traditions of arranging the interior in Orthodox Church and meaning of iconostasis. Choir directed by Marina Politova chanted during the meeting.

Source: Interfax religion