A summer camp organized by the Romanian Metropolis for young people

For the first time, the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of Western and Southern Europe is organizing a summer camp for children in France! This camp is for children from 8 to 15 years old. It will be held from August 12-19, 2019 in an exceptionally beautiful place located in the mountains of Vercors (La Servagère).

The theme of this first camp is “Life in Heaven – Nature and Liturgy”. The children will have the opportunity to learn about the Divine Liturgy and fellowship in a new way, in total immersion in nature, with activities helping them enter the mystery of the face-to-face between the creature and the Creator.

Bishop Joseph encourages families “to send their children there, so that they do not spend these precious years of their lives without having ‘tasted’ the experience of summer camps, as one can never catch up with years passed. The experience of camps is unique in the lives of our youth. It goes much deeper than any other type of catechesis, and very often determines the place that the child will find in the Church later on in life”.

For more information: natureetliturgie (at) gmail.com and on this page.

Source: Orthodoxie.com