Symposium on female monasticism in Zica monastery

The monastery of Zica, the endowment of Saint Sava and St. Simon (king Stephen the First Crowned), formerly the seat of the first Serbian archbishopric and the coronation site of the first Serbian king, today is the greatest female monastery in which sisterhood, led by heugomene, mother Jelena, continues with the tradition of the Serbian spirituality, which was based here by the holy brothers. Marking the 800th anniversary of the monastery, its sisterhood organize the first international spiritually  scientific Symposium on female monasticism, which is held from September 1-4, 2011, with a participation of thirty lecturers and 250-300 guests from Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Izrael, France, Poland, Romania, Syria, Georgia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, Croatia and Serbia.

Symposium is a unique opportunity for closer acquaintance and connection with the Orthodox communities in these countries, as well as the promotion of Serbian art and culture.