Monks from Kovilj Monastery to perform with Kronos Quartet at Carnegie Hall - March 7, 2015

The Kronos Quartet will perform a piece by Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov “Beyond Zero: 1914-1918″ at Carnegie Hall, on March 7, 2015.

During the past couple of months, “Beyond Zero: 1914-1918″ was shown at the Bill Morrison film retrospective at MOMA in New York City and in Serbia, with The Kovilj Monastery Choir joining Kronos Quartet on stage. The monastic choir joined Kronos Quartet in performance of a Byzantine Chant that ends “Beyond Zero: 1914-1918″, a piece that composer Vrebalov and filmmaker Morrison made in commemoration of the centennial of World World One.

if you would like to help bring five members of the Kovilj Monastery Choir to perform with Kronos Quartet at Carnegie Hall on March 7, 2015,  please click here or on the image above for information on how to contribute.

First Century Copy of Gospel of Mark Found in Mummy Mask

A recently developed technique is uncovering many previously unknown ancient documents, from copies of Homer and personal letters to writings of the New Testament.

A text that may be the oldest copy of a gospel known to exist — a fragment of the Gospel of Mark that was written during the first century, before the year 90 — is set to be published.

At present, the oldest surviving copies of the gospel texts date to the second century (the years 101 to 200).

Starting 2015 with numerous results

Starting 2015 with numerous results
Starting 2015 with numerous results
Starting 2015 with numerous results
Starting 2015 with numerous results

Dear friends,

In the year behind us, we faced a flood and many of our compatriots have lost everything they had been acquiring all their lives. In addition, many other people needed support to improve their situation.

Bearing all this in mind, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, with the support of numerous partners, companies, individual donors, organizations and volunteers was striving to help wherever it was needed by implementing a number of projects that have brought delight and joy to people they were intended for.

Keynote Addresses & Core Courses of The Right Rev. Bishop Atanasije (Jevtić) of Herzegovina


February 16 –20, 2015 • St Sava Church • Phoenix, AZ

In Cooperation with the Clergy Brotherhood of SOC

Keynote Addresses & Core Courses
The Right Rev. Bishop Atanasije (Jevtić) of Herzegovina


Core Courses
Gospel, Revelation & the Living Tradition • Freedom, Spiritual Warfare & Cross • Love, Church & Prayer • Christ – The Alpha and Omega • Emmanuel & Theosis • Conversing with a Bishop • New Pascha – Divine Liturgy in the Land of the Living • Holy Fathers, the Bible and Us • The Return to Wonder: on Holiness and Responsibility • Eschatology and Theosis according to St. Maximus the Confessor • The Kosovo Covenant • Synodality and Canonical Tradition • Democracy and Human Rights in the Light of the Church • On Orthodox Ecumenism • The Eschata in Our Daily Life

The name of St. Parphyrios the Kapsokalivite has been added to the Russian Orthodox Church calendar for commemoration

This decision was made at the meeting of the Holy Synod on December 25, 2014. The Holy Synod decreed that Venerable Porphyrios the Kapsokalivite should be commemorated on December 2.

This year’s final meeting of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church took place at the Synodal Hall of the official Patriarchal and Synodal residence in St. Daniel’s Monastery in Moscow under the chairmanship of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.