The EU should give more attention to the problem of destruction of Orthodox sanctuaries in Kosovo and Metochia

The European Union should address the destruction of Orthodox sanctuaries in Kosovo with much more attention, the new Russian minister of Culture Alexander Avdeyev believes. "I saw destroyed churches, museums, and desecrated sanctuaries in Kosovo, and, of cause, I find it impossible to stay indifferent, whether it concerns the Moslem or the Orthodox religion. Most of the sanctuaries destroyed in Kosovo are Orthodox. UNESCO sounds the alarm, but more often than not receives no adequate reaction from the EU," said the minister, as quoted by the Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily on Thursday.

Speaking of Russia, the minister mentioned that it has "an acute sense of the need to treat other cultures with respect," reports Interfax-Religion.

"We can boast with the great Russian culture and the great Muslim culture. This is our main asset and our specific feature. We have the same fate, the same Homeland, and the same country,' said minister Avdeyev.