Topic of Orthodoxy in China should be lifted up to level of the whole church

Rector of Sts Peter and Paul Parish in Hong Kong Archpriest Dionisy Pozdnyayev is convinced that the whole Moscow Patriarchate should consider the problems of Orthodoxy in China. "It's extremely important, we have to spare no effort. The whole Church should consider the question: on one side, it involves bordering dioceses, on the other, theological educational establishments, and, on the third, the Department for External Church Relations. In fact, each synodal department can do something in this direction. The topic of Orthodoxy in China should be lifted up to the level of the whole church," Fr. Dionisy told Interfax-Religion.

According to him, Orthodoxy in China has future and "the main task is to solve the question of creating Orthodox environment." To do it "we have to educate people and to bring up the Chinese, to give them education, to translate literature into the Chinese language," Fr. Dionisy said.

"The main issue I see here is the problem of resources: both material and human. I think if this question of attracting maximum resources is settled, we will see very good prospects and results in the nearest future," the priest said.

He is convinced that there is a great interest to Christianity in China, "but Chinese people mostly see Catholicism and Protestantism that are much wider presented in China."

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Source: Interfax religion