Turkey is claiming the relics of Sumela Monastery around the world

The government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has had its “eye” on the treasure of the monumental monastery of Panagia Sumela, and, through the Ministry of Culture, intents on getting its “hands” on it too.

Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has identified about 100 relics around the world, 77 of which are in the Hagia Sophia Museum. In this context, scholars visiting museums and universities, headquartered in Trabzon and expanding to Constantinople, Greece, Ireland, England and the US, compared information and documents that came into their possession and describe the treasures of the Monastery, from  metalworks to manuscripts and religious clothing.

Among these items, there is one whose value is priceless: in 1364, when the son of Emperor Alexios the Great Komnenos, Manuel III the Great Komnenos, ascended the throne, his father gave him a cross with Jesus Christ. This cross, along with others, such as the “vine gate”, is said to have been taken out of Turkey by a group of American soldiers who were part of NATO’s mission in the country in 1950.

The list of items belonging to Panagia Sumela has come to the Turkish National Assembly from Turkish Minister of Tourism and Culture Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

The Turkish politician says Panagia Sumela “is one of the most important monasteries in Anatolia” and that they are determined to take back the 77 items that have been recorded.

The Turkish Minister of Culture notes that all necessary steps will be taken to return relics of Turkey’s cultural heritage that came illegally abroad.

Source: Romfea