“Upon this rock I will build my Church…”

To: Diocesan Bishops, Clergy, Church School Congregation, Circles of Serbian Sisters, Fraternal Organizations, Folklore groups, Church Choirs  and to all sons and daughters of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America and Canada


On behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Mission Parish of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke from Austin, TX, we are kindly asking for your urgent assistance and help. Our mission parish was founded in October 2008.

From its founding the faithful of our parish, together with their spiritual leader Protoprezbiter Stavrophor Fr. Dragoljub Popovich have been gathering for services in various churches of orthodox jurisdictions and lately, when available, we have been celebrating the Divine Liturgy on a boat on Lake Travis. The need for regular divine services is enormous; however, possibilities of finding a permanent place of worship are fairly slim. Having in mind that most of our parishioners are newcomers from our fatherland as well as that their income is modest, they still have expressed their desire to have our own place of worship and are willing to support the Church ministry through the means of a Christian Stewardship.  

For some time now, we have been actively searching for a parcel of land with a building on it which we could adapt with relatively small investment and use for the Divine Services and other needs of parish. By the mercy of God, a few weeks ago we found a 5 acre parcel of land with a large 1 story house of approximately 4,000 sq. ft. The house can easily be converted for church use. The location is very convenient to all of our parishioners and the potential for future growth of our parish is great. Nonetheless, even though our desires are strong, our financial means are modest, and we are not able to purchase this beautiful property on our own. Due to a lack of credit history there is no financial institution that is willing to loan us the necessary funds without us putting down at least 25% of the price.

With piety we are kindly beseeching the blessings from our Hierarchs, with brotherly love I am greeting you my dear brothers in the Lord, and asking for your continuing prayers and support among your entrusted flock. Most of all, WE ARE TURNING TO YOU, OUR BELOVED BROTHERS AND SISTERS for your prayers and assistance, because we know that you were, you are and always you will be the most important pillars of our Holy Church.

Every Church School Congregation, every Parish Priest, every Circle of Serbian Sisters, Every Fraternal Organization should participate in this God-given opportunity. To give means to receive. So, please do not procrastinate, but immediately after reading this appeal, open the doors of your hearts and with gratitude give back in return to the Lord, for all goods He has been giving you daily. Tell your friends and relatives about this, spread the word, be an active part of this mission. Please remember that God loves a cheerful giver. Let us not forget that we are only temporary stewards of all goods that God has entrusted to us, and in reality nothing belongs to us. Through the last prayer of the Divine Liturgy we confirm this by praying: "...For all good giving, and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from You the Father..."

Please write your check to Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke and send your gifts to:

Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke
C/O Fr. Dragoljub Popovich
1211 Sedona
Leander, TX 78641

May the Grace, mercy and peace of our Lord be upon all of you.

Prayerfully and forever grateful,

Very Rev. Stavrophor Fr. Dragoljub Popovich    
Parish Priest, and President Ex Officio of the Board of Trustees           

Branko Milanovich
1st Vice President

Fr. Dragoljub Popovich has organized and has been serving in this parish since June of 2008 absolutely free of charge to the parish and without any financial support or other beneficences. 

Source: www.serborth.org