Verdi’s “Aida” under starry sky in Viminacium

Opera spectacle in open, the masterpiece of the famous Italian Giuseppe Verdi’s “Aida” was performed in the evening on 21 May 2013  in Viminacium under the starry sky in a restored Roman amphitheater in attendance of 2200 visitors.

The musical and theatrical spectacle, as a part of the state program of marking 17 centuries of the Edict of Milan, was solemnly opened by Ambassador of Italy in Serbia Armando Varricchio as the host of the evening. The Embassy of Italy donated the performance of “Aida” at Viminacium to the state project of marking the Edit of Milan. Mr. Varricchio welcomed President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic, officials and diplomats, and thanked for the opportunity that his country participated in the celebration of the Edict of Milan.

The opera of his great compatriot, whose 200th anniversary is being marked this year throughout the world, is perfect to be performed in Viminacium, the place that additionally connects the Italian and Serbian culture in this important year, the ambassador said.

In a reconstructed Roman arena of the Archeological park Viminacium, the ensemble of the Opera of the National Theatre in Belgrade for the first time came to the open scene.

Surrounded by a large audience, in lavish costumes of princesses, warriors, in the silence and beauty of the place in which only history has an echo, without buzz of urban areas, the orchestra and singers baldly entered the arena.

In a special VIP lounge at the reconstructed tower on the ramparts holding a wooden structure of the amphitheater, 15 meters high, President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic with his wife Dragica and other high officials watched a story about a girl of the noble birth, the Ethiopian princess Aida, who was captured and brought into slavery in Egypt and became torn between the love for the military leader Radamès and Ethiopia.

Source: Tanjug, RTV