Video Report on the Usurpation of Chuch Land in Đakovica & Information Related Thereto

Ђаковица Ђаковица

Two days ago, a team of reporters of "Glas Juga''("Voice of the South'') visted the location of the Holy Trinity Church in Đakovica, where they could see for themselves how the illegal works on church land property are being continued. The city park has already been constructed on the foundations of the destroyed temple, paths are being laid and lamps for the illumination of the park are being mounted. In spite of the letter addressed to the head of UNMIK, Mr. Zannier, Bishop Teodosije, who is responsible for the reconstruction of the Serbian religious sites on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Church within the framework of the Council of Europe Commission, has not yet received any tangible reassurances, nor any kind of response that measures would be taken in order to stop the open usurpation of church land and the covering of the foundations of the church.

"Glas Juga" 's team of reporters led by Mr. Živojn Rakočević has videofilmed a report on this issue, available on the internet:

1. YOUTUBE, low-res version:

2. WMV, higher resolution file (14MB):

Note: "Glas Juga'' from Gračanica is the author of this video material.

The photos show, from the same angle, a view of the Holy Trinity Church in Djakovica in april 1999, as well a view of the present-day park in July 2008.

Here you can see excerpt of UNMIK's press conference dealing mainly with questions related to the usurpation of church land in Đakovica.

Source: Monastery Visoki Decani