Vienna to host a meeting of winners of the international Dialogue of Civilizations prize

The first summit meeting of the Dialogue of Civilizations prize-winners who were in different years presented with this international prize will be held November 10 in Vienna.

The summit is called to discuss the most pressing challenges of international development, including looking for a way out of the current financial and economic global situation," the press service of the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilization told Interfax Tuesday.

The prize-winners include the Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin, King Abdullah II of Jordan, the President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh, the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, and Director-General of UNESCO Koichiro Matsuura.

The international Dialogue of Civilizations prize is an independent public award presented for distinguished achievements in promoting the culture of dialogue in the world, establishing efficient and democratic instruments to solve global problems at the international level, introducing developmental changes in the structure of modern society, comprehensive development of potential inter-religious and peaceful dialogue among peoples, and a major contribution to culture and society development.

Source: Interfax religion